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Welcome to our National Casein® News Center. Several times during the year, we will  highlight details for one or more of our adhesives in the ‘Product Highlight’ area. The adhesive listed here could be one that is well  established or one that we are now bringing to the market based on a customer or market request.  We will also  publish  articles in the “Other News” section on this page which will highlight information we at National Casein want to bring to your attention that we feel may be important to you or your company. If you have a different need than what is listed, please use one of our forms to email us your request.
Product(s) Highlights:  NATIONAL CASEIN® 5000LVO Adhesive. NATIONAL CASEIN® 5000LVO is a fast setting high solids adhesive with excellent strength. It is designed especially for U.S. automatic doweling machines. It is water- based, a feature which makes it non-flammable, non-staining, and easy to clean-up with water. It is a one-part adhesive. NATIONAL CASEIN® PVCE Adhesive. NATIONAL CASEIN® PVCE laminating adhesive is a specially formulated co-polymer designed for flat and wrap laminating of polyvinyl chloride films to various core materials. It will also bond many difficult-to-bond materials including plastic laminates, polystyrene foams, foils, and decorative papers. The final bond is water and solvent resistant and is unaffected when subjected to ultraviolet rays. The bond has excellent creep resistance at elevated temperatures. It is water-based, a feature that makes it non-flammable, non-staining, and cleans up with water.   NATIONAL CASEIN® MB5301E Powder Adhesive. National Casein®  MB5301E is a powder adhesive with the required filler and hardener incorporated. It is made ready-to-use by simply mixing with water. It was specially developed for hot pressing and membrane pressing of veneers. It has also worked well at a bonding temperature of 150 C with a Fisher-Ruckle FL-07 splicer for thick inner plies and backers used for hardwood flooring. This product has ‘no added urea formaldehyde’. NATIONAL CASEIN® PC2004 Adhesive. NATIONAL CASEIN® PC2004 is a unique pre-catalyzed 1-part adhesive with the convenience of a "ready-to-use" adhesive and the specific advantages of a crosslinking adhesive. It has passed the Type II water resistant requirements of ANSI/HPVA HP-1. The bond line will not discolor if subjected to high heat during hot pressing and high frequency pressing. It is water-based, a feature that makes it non- flammable, non-staining and easy to clean up with water.
Other News:
Cold Pressing with liquid  UF resins? Are you having problems with bond lines when you cold press below 85 F? This might be the result of the continuing lowering of the formaldehyde in the Liquid UFs due to environmental regulations. National Casein has the answer for this problem – our powdered UF-based products. Contact us for information and samples.
DO YOU HAVE A CURRENT DATA SHEET or SDS?  We continually review and update Data Sheets as needed.  You may wonder at times  if you need to request an update.  Being proactive is the best approach. You  can request a copy at any time through the order desk when placing an order, your sales representative, our technical staff, or via this  website. If you still have an MSDS on one of our products in your files, you should contact us for an SDS. These replaced all MSDS’ in 2016.
Cold Weather and Freeze-Thaw Indicators From September 15, 2016 until April 15, 2017 National Casein will use Freeze-Thaw Indicators for shipments.  Please see our Tips & Aids Section on the website for additional information on how the program works.