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Company Information
National Casein® has plant locations in Chicago, IL, Tyler, TX, Riverton, NJ, and Santa Ana, CA. All plants are staffed with technical service personnel who provide, through plant and laboratory facilities, comprehensive technical and field support to their sales organizations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and internationally. National Casein® is unique because the company concentrates its sales, marketing, technical, and research efforts to the woodworking, furniture, millwork, paper converting, and packaging industries. National Casein® adhesives have provided strength, durability and performance since 1921. Our commitment to you, the user, is and has been to provide the best solutions for all your adhesive needs. The products which National Casein® markets and sells to the woodworking, furniture, millwork and packaging industries are the most complete line of adhesives offered by any adhesive company. These products include polyvinyl crosslinks which provide Type I and Type II water resistant bond characteristics, polyvinyl assembly adhesives, liquid and powder urea resins adhesives and a wide variety of powder adhesives including casein, melamine, melamine-urea blends, a straight urea powder adhesive, decorative paper adhesive, and vinyl film laminating adhesives. Information on any of our many adhesives is available upon request by completing our ‘Contact Us’ form for sending it to us.
History of National Casein®
National Casein ® Company was incorporated in the state of Illinois in 1921 by Louis T. Cook. After the death of Louis T. Cook in 1958, his son, Dr. Thomas H. Cook, assumed the Presidency of National Casein® until1992 when he stepped down as President, but remained as a special consultant to the company until his passing in September 2000. National Casein ® Company continues to be owned and operated by the principals of the Cook family.
Product Developments
Initially, the company devoted its efforts to the manufacture of raw casein, casein adhesives and casein paints. The demand for casein adhesives exceeded Louis T. Cook’s expectations and he began to concentrate on their use in the millwork, furniture and woodworking industries. In the 1940's, National Casein® began the manufacture of synthetic resin adhesives: urea’s and PVAc's. Later in that decade, resorcinol and powdered melamine adhesives were added to its line of products, and then in the 1960's crosslinking adhesives were added. Product developments since the 1960’s have included the introduction of vinyl film laminating adhesives which provide high heat and creep resistance, a new generation of high performance polyvinyl crosslinking adhesives, and adhesives for membrane pressing of films and wood veneers to various substrates. The manufacture and sale of specialized packaging adhesives were also added. Although the distribution and sale of these specialized packaging adhesives is primarily conducted in the Midwest area, there is an ongoing expansion of this area to other points in the United States, Canada, and internationally. Why Choose National Casein With All the Changes in Today's Market?  A number of adhesive companies have redefined themselves with numerous name changes, dropped their sales force, gone to selling only through distributors or independent agents, reduced or eliminated their technical service, and have no laboratory service. Is this really what you want from your adhesive supplier? This is not what a customer of National Casein can expect. National Casein is not part of any ‘rebranding’ cycle. We are still the company that relies on our sales people visiting you. We also work directly with our distributor network when requested through continued training and visits to their customers. Through either our direct sales force or our distributors, we continue to offer you technical support when you have problems, bring improved and new products for you to consider, look for ways to help you make your products better, and enjoy working with you. Our distributors are a great adjunct to our sales force as they are able reach companies that prefer to buy this way. We pride ourselves on being there for all customers, come rain or shine. We have offered this kind of service since our start in 1921 and will continue to do so well into the future.