Why Choose National Casein® ?
Our adhesive experts can help
Our Sales and technical specialists are trained to solve bonding problems in our laboratories or at your production site so your production will not be delayed.
ADHESIVE TYPES Casein Powder Adhesive Casein raw material. Catalysts Decorative Film/ Paper Adhesives Hot Melts Adhesives. Melamine Powder & Liquid Adhesives. Modified Melamine/Urea Powder Adhesives. Others Packaging/Paper Converting Adhesives. Polyvinyl Assembly Adhesives. (PVA's) Polyvinyl Crosslinks. (PVAC's) Urea Resins/ powder & liquid adhesives. Veneer Splicing Adhesives.
National Casein offers many different types of adhesives for wood and packaging bonding (not  a complete list by the way). Browse the list and then call the Location Nearest You or email us using our CONTACT US  for further information about the adhesives we offer for that specific Adhesive Type.