Company Information: National Casein® had plant locations in Chicago, IL, Tyler, TX, Riverton, NJ, and Santa Ana, CA. After 97 years, we have ceased operations and are closing our doors. As of Jan 01, 2019, Santa Ana CA and Riverton NJ have closed. Chicago IL and Tyler TX are operating only to sell remaining inventory of chemicals and finished adhesives which will probably be for several more weeks at the most. Several companies expressed interests in purchasing one or more locations because they were interested in expansion into new areas or new product lines but negotiations have produced nothing us to date. A number of products we offered were made only by us to customer specifications or machine-use needs.  Also, a number had specific certifications to which they had been tested and certified. As you probably know, these certifications will not transfer to a product manufactured by any other company. You would need to retest and recertify at a cost. Some of you have asked us to recommend someone who you can purchase a product like ours from. We are sorry but we will not offer any recommendations as we do not know their formulations, the chemicals they use, or how they test their products. We stood behind all our products we made but not someone else’s.  If you want to work with another adhesive manufacturer, please feel free to use our technical literature that you received from us and copy it to the supplier you are interested in and ask for their guarantee that it will perform the same and/or has the same certifications. They should be able to supply this information as we did for you. We also suggest you sample first and test the bonds and be satisfied the competitive adhesive does what you require. You can also ask that they do the same for you as a comparison. As an option, since no one has offered to purchase any of our custom formulas, you can - but we recommend you find a manufacturer that is willing to work with you and your need by using our formula. Not all will do that; they want to sell their products and not someone else’s. We want to thank all our customers for their loyalty as we know you could have purchased for other companies but chose us. We wish each of you our best for future success. If you would like to contact Richard Cook at for additional information.
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